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A brief list of VirtualDub filters that work fine with VDFilter and Video Enhancer. Click on a filter name to see description and other details.

To use these filters in Video Enhancer download them and unpack .vdf files to "plugins" subfolder in the Video Enhancer folder.

Note: you can download 20 popular filters in one easy-to-use installer called
VirtualDub Filter Pack and avoid manual filters installation.

Filter Author Link
2:1 vertical reduction Chris LaRosa Download
2d cleaner optimized Donald Graft Download
2d comb Andreas Dittrich Download
4:1:1 Helper Rick Tillery Download
4:2:2 Rebuild flaXen Download
Add Frame Numbers Thomas Hargrove Download
Add Noise Emiliano Ferrari Download
Adv. Warp-Sharpen flaXen Download
alidator Krzysztof Wojdon Download
Alparysoft Deinterlace Alparysoft Download
Analog Noise flaXen Download
Area smoother Daniel Vollmer Download
Asvzzz deinterlace Serge Andyk Download
AutoLevels EOD and Livio Cicala Download
Automatic correction of white balance Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
aviover verem Download
BackChange Krzysztof Wojdon Download
Barrel Distortion Emiliano Ferrari Download
Bit Drop Simon Walters Download
Black Box Emiliano Ferrari Download
Blend Emiliano Ferrari Download
Border Control Simon Walters Download
Boundary flaXen Download
box blur Donald Graft Download
Brightness & Contrast Emiliano Ferrari Download
brightness/contrast Donald Graft Download
Camcorder color denoise Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
Canvas Size Emiliano Ferrari Download
Channel Mixer Brian Allen Vanderburg II Download
Channel Mixer Emiliano Ferrari Download
channelMaster verem Download
Chroma noise reduction Gilles Mouchard Download
CMYK Film Color RocketJet4 Download
CmYUV Debug Dev Simon Walters Download
Color Balance Emiliano Ferrari Download
Color Chrome Emiliano Ferrari Download
color equalizer Bak? Tam?s Download
Color Mill Eugene Khoroshavin Download
Color Picker Emiliano Ferrari Download
Color Tools trevlac Download
colorize Donald Graft Download
Colors, brightness, contrast and gamma correction Alessandro Malanca Download
Colorspace Conversion flaXen Download
colourLooks trevlac Download
colourscale trevlac Download
coring Paul Currie Download
Count colors used Emiliano Ferrari Download
dct-q-idct Andreas Dittrich Download
De-Ghosting flaXen Download
De-Sharpen flaXen Download
Debayering Luca Ballan Download
decimate Donald Graft Download
deflicker Donald Graft Download
Defogger From Noise Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
Deinterlace 'Muksun' Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
deinterlace - area based Gunnar Thalin Download
deinterlace - PAL movie Gunnar Thalin Download
deinterlace - smooth Gunnar Thalin Download
Deinterlace MAP Shaun Faulds Download
DeLogo Karel Suhajda Download
denoise tHE fISH Download
DeshakeR Gunnar Thalin Download
difference Ben Greenwood Download
DotCrawl Comb Filter Scott Elliott Download
DScaler Deinterlace Filter Christian Neugebauer Download
dynamic noise reduction (MMX) Steven Henk Don Download
Easy_Histogram_Equalization Bernhard Lang Download
End Credits I.Antipov, S.Corboot Download
End of Processing Sound Alarm Giuseppe LoSciuto Download
EOD's Autolevels Filter EOD Download
Error diffusion Mike Harrison Download
exorcist Krzysztof Wojdon Download
Exotic Pan Natan Never 2000 Download
Extract and Combine YUV Simon Walters Download
FadeFX Scott Elliott Download
Fader Emiliano Ferrari Download
Fader MMX David Roden Download
FFT Noise Removal (YIQ) BirdzI Software Download
field align Valentim Batista Download
field bob II Stanislav Chizhik Download
field delay Uwe Freese Download
Field fill MIDIMaker Download
Field Reorder Scott Elliott Download
field shift Gunnar Thalin Download
field shift Valentim Batista Download
Fields Align Emiliano Ferrari Download
Fill Borders Emiliano Ferrari Download
Film Dirt Cleaner Infognition Co. Ltd. Download
filter blender Steven Henk Don Download
filter->de- Eugene Khoroshavin Download
Fourie Transform Filter MIDIMaker Download
frame merger Valentim Batista Download
frame tweaker Chris LaRosa Download
Frequency Analyzer trevlac Download
Frequency Suppressor of the Noise Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
fxShift flaXen Download
fxTemp flaXen Download
Gamma Correction Emiliano Ferrari Download
Gaussian Blur Emiliano Ferrari Download
General convolution 3D Gunnar Thalin Download
General Quadrilateral Transform Alain Vielle Download
general rowfilter Andreas Dittrich Download
Ghost Remover Emiliano Ferrari Download
gradation curves Alexander Nagiller Download
Grayscale RGB Emiliano Ferrari Download
Grayscale using video-luma Scott Elliott Download
Grid Emiliano Ferrari Download
High Quality Smoother Klaus Post Download
Histogram Equalization Donald Graft Download
hotspot Donald Graft Download
Hotspot_RGB RocketJet4 Download
HSL to RGB Emiliano Ferrari Download
hue cycle Tom Ford Download
hue/saturation/intensity Donald Graft Download
Image processing plugin Yudong Yang Download
Intelligent Brightness Infognition Co. Ltd. Download
interlaced rgb Valentim Batista Download
Lab Neiromaster Download
Layer Brian Allen Vanderburg II Download
Line Shift Emiliano Ferrari Download
logoaway Krzysztof Wojdon Download
LUMA-RGB Colors Adjust Alessandro Malanca Download
luminescence band Tom Ford Download
Median filter Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
Motion Ben Greenwood Download
msharpen Donald Graft & Andreas Ludwig Download
MSU Cartoon Restore MSU Video Group Download
MSU Cartoonizer MSU Video Group Download
MSU Deblocking MSU Video Group Download
MSU Deflicker MSU Video Group Download
MSU Denoiser MSU Video Group Download
MSU Logo Remover MSU Video Group Download
MSU Motion Estimation MSU Video Group Download
MSU Noise Estimator MSU Video Group Download
MSU Old cinema MSU Video Group Download
MSU Old Color Restoration MSU Video Group Download
MSU Smart Deblocking MSU Video Group Download
MSU Smart Sharpen MSU Video Group Download
MSU SmartBrightness MSU Video Group Download
MSU StegoVideo MSU Video Group Download
MSU Subtitle Remover MSU Video Group Download
MSU SuperResolution MSU Video Group Download
MSUColorEnhancement MSU Video Group Download
Neat Video ABSoft Download
Noise Reduction/Shifting/Cropping (NRS) Filter Antonio Foranna Download
Nonlinear Dynamic Filtering Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
Nonlinear Smoothing Loss-Free Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
Nonlinear Smoothing Loss-Free 3D matrix 3*3 Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
NVeiler Video Filter Neurotechnology Download
pan Donald Graft Download
pan N scan trevlac Download
Perspective Ben Greenwood Download
PhotoMasque Antonio Da Cruz Download
Pixel Clutter Engin KARTAL Download
pixellate Tom Ford Download
PodPis Peter Podgor┌ek Download
pops Valentim Batista Download
Posterize Emiliano Ferrari Download
Processing the linear hindrances Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
Processing the pulsed hindrances Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
Progressive Frame Restore Simon Walters Download
proximity locker Chir Download
pseudocolor Donald Graft Download
Pseudocolor: Rainbow Emiliano Ferrari Download
QS Deinterlace Victor Tomilov Download
Radial Luminance Correction Alessandro Malanca Download
Random noise remover Mikhail Rozov Download
Random Pixels Emiliano Ferrari Download
Red/Green/Blue Emiliano Ferrari Download
red/green/blue Steven Henk Don Download
Red/Green/Blue Adjustment Donald Graft Download
reverse field dominance Donald Graft Download
Reverse Field Dominance Emiliano Ferrari Download
RGB Equalizer Eugene Khoroshavin Download
RGB to HSL Emiliano Ferrari Download
RGB to YUV Emiliano Ferrari Download
rgb2pal verem Download
Rotate 180 Emiliano Ferrari Download
Saturation Emiliano Ferrari Download
Save/Restore Channels Emiliano Ferrari Download
Scene centering and border addition Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
shadow smoother Valentim Batista Download
Shift Emiliano Ferrari Download
ShiftWrap Simon Walters Download
shutdown Karel Suhajda Download
smart bob Donald Graft Download
smart deinterlace Donald Graft Download
Smart Line smoother MIDIMaker Download
Smart Skating Rink Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
smart smoother Donald Graft Download
smart smoother HiQuality Klaus Post Download
smart smoother IQ Tim Park Download
Smoother Emiliano Ferrari Download
SMP MSharpen Alexander Nagiller Download
spatial smoother Ioura Batugowski Download
Split Channels Emiliano Ferrari Download
SpotRemover Konstantin Khlopenkov Download
Stable video Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
static noise reduction Steven Henk Don Download
SubLog Extractor Alain Vielle Download
Super temporary cleaner Sergey Stolyarevskiy Download
Swap Channels Emiliano Ferrari Download
temporal cleaner Jim Casaburi Download
testPatterns trevlac Download
tgaover M1Research Download
tgaover2 M1Research Download
tgaseqover M1Research Download
Threshold Emiliano Ferrari Download
throw away H pixels trevlac Download
time based deinterlacer Uwe Freese Download
tint Donald Graft Download
unSplit Channels Emiliano Ferrari Download
UnViewFields Simon Walters Download
Vague Denoiser Emiliano Ferrari Download
verticalblur M1Research Download
VHS flaXen Download
VHS sync restore MIDIMaker Download
Video DeNoise Alexander Tchirkov Download
Video Stabilizer DigiStudio Team Download
ViewFields Simon Walters Download
VobSub Gabest Download
Wide screen converter (letterbox) Emiliano Ferrari Download
Wide screen converter (resize) Emiliano Ferrari Download
Windowed Histogram Equalization Donald Graft Download
X-Logo Leuf Download
xsharpen Donald Graft Download
XYZ Neiromaster Download
Yet another temporal smoother Eric A. Welsh Download
YUV saturation/offset MIDIMaker Download
Zero Pad trevlac Download
zoom Donald Graft Download

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