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Sharpening filters
Use these filters to sharpen your video (make it less blurry).

Adv. Warp-Sharpen flaXen
Sharpen the video using edge detection.

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De-Sharpen flaXen
Undo the effects of over-sharpening with an unsharp mask.

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msharpen Donald Graft & Andreas Ludwig
Spatial sharpening of important edges without amplifying noise. Designed for anime.

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MSU Smart Sharpen MSU Video Group
Enhance image sharpness with minimum noise amplification.

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SMP MSharpen Alexander Nagiller
Original filter by Donald Graft - SMP Support integrated by Alexander Nagiller.

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xsharpen Donald Graft
Sharpening effect that avoids amplifying noise by mapping pixels to the closest of window max or min.

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