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Special treatment for Deshaker
May 27, 2014

There is a nice filter for VirtualDub (supported by Video Enhancer) called Deshaker by Gunnar Thalin which can stabilize shaky video. This filter is different from the others because it works in two passes: first it needs to see the whole video and analyze it (without producing a meaningful video result yet), and on the second pass it uses collected data to actually fix the video. The data collected in first pass is stored in a file which can be specified in filter's options. If you start analyzing another file previously collected data is erased. This means up to recently Deshaker could not be used in Video Enhancer's batch mode where you select many files and apply a sequence of filters to all of them. Because in that filter sequence Deshaker will be configured for either first or the second pass while each file requires going through both passes one right after another.

To fix this issue we've added in Video Enhancer 1.9.10 special treatment for Deshaker: when you start processing some video file and your sequence of filters contains Deshaker then Video Enhancer first makes one pass in preview (without compression and writing to disk) and then immediately processes the file again but this time automatically switching Deshaker to second pass. And if you're processing a bunch of files then this approach applies to each of them: for each file Video Enhancer will do two passes: quick preview with Deshaker in first pass then actual processing with Deshaker in second pass.

Of course, if your chain of filters does not contain Deshaker then Video Enhancer works as usual: just one pass for each file.