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I'm Dmitry Popov,
lead developer and director of Infognition.

Known in the interwebs as Dee Mon since 1997. You could see me as thedeemon on reddit or LiveJournal.

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One-pass deshaker
November 25, 2015

This autumn, by request of our client, we developed a video deshaking method that works in a single pass, in streaming mode. I know there is a very nice Deshaker filter for VirtualDub but it works in two passes: first it collects motion data, then plans for whole movie and in the second pass performs actual changes to the video. When your video processing pipeline is quite heavy, loaded with many filters or something computationally expensive, doing the work twice or saving it into a huge lossless file and then processing twice with Deshaker can be extremely time-consuming. So, there might be a need for something quicker, working in one pass.

Here are a couple of examples showing our own deshaker in action (before/after) :