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Download ScreenPressor
ScreenPressor is available in different forms:

32-bit Video-for-Windows codec - for 32-bit Windows applications like CamStudio, Camtasia, VirtualDub, HyperCam, VideoPad, old versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects (before CS5). Most people need this variant.

64-bit Video-for-Windows codec - for 64-bit Windows applications like VirtualDub64 or Adobe Premiere Pro and Efter Effects CS5 or later.

For other forms (DirectShow transform filter, Windows DLL, library for Max OS X and Linux) please contact us.

Version 3

Download now archive with both 32 and 64 bit variants of version 3. This is the latest and fastest version. It can decode video made by versions 2 and 3, encodes to format of v3.

Version 2

In case you need it you can still download version 2. It can decode videos made with versions 1 and 2, encodes to v2. It is slower than v3 but compression is a few percent stronger.

32-bit (x86) version 2
64-bit (x64) version 2