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Register your copy online

End user license

Unregistered version of ScreenPressor will add watermark to video when compressing more than 3000 frames or longer than 30 seconds. This allows you to test the codec and see if it fits your needs. There are no limits or watermarks for decompression. If you only need the codec to play video compressed with it, you may do so free of charge and don't need to register. However if you want to compress video without adding watermark you must register by purchasing a license. Your personal registration code must be entered in the codec to switch to registered version which doesn't add watermark.

Today you can register ScreenPressor free of charge. Just enter your e-mail and we'll generate a registration code for you, it's that easy.


Developer license

If you want to use the codec in your product or service such as screen video recorder, VNC-like remote access application, video tutorial producer etc., you may license ScreenPressor and enjoy its compression power and speed. The codec is available as Windows VfW codec, DirectShow filter, Windows DLL, or source code for Windows, Mac and Linux (both 32 and 64 bit). Contact us for details.